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Dividend Income Strategy

Enhanced Income with Covered Call Sales

The Dividend Income Portfolio seeks to generate 6% annualized income by collecting above-market dividends and covered call premiums.

Dynamic Stock Selection

The Dividend Income Portfolio employs a systematic approach to selecting quality companies with attractive yields and reasonable valuations.  Our proprietary multi-factor model assists in the Portfolio’s security selection and buy/sell discipline by determining both the timing and identification of replacements.

Limited Downside Protection & Volatility Reduction

The dividend and call premium cash flows collected help preserve and grow invested principal by serving as a buffer by offsetting the impact of stock price declines during adverse market conditions.

Sector Diversification

All 11 GICS sectors are represented in the portfolio. The Dividend Income Portfolio strives to be sector neutral – focusing on adding value through security selection and an actively-managed covered call overlay.


The portfolios’ principal may diminish due to adverse market conditions. The results reflect the reinvestment of all dividends. Returns are net of all mutual fund and Gyroscope Capital Management Group, LLC, fees and expenses.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns.