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Gyroscope Capital Management Group, LLC Announces their Dividend Income Portfolio surpasses $100MM

Naples, Florida—(GYROSCOPE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP)—Gyroscope Capital Management Group LLC is excited to announce that the Dividend Income Portfolio has surpassed $100MM in program assets. The Gyroscope team has been providing equity income solutions to investors since 2007. 

"We have always operated under the belief that if we strive to serve our investors interests above all else, success and growth will follow," said Mike Egan, President of Gyroscope Capital. "This is an important milestone and I feel that the accomplishment is validation that we have upheld our commitments to our investors."

The Dividend Income Portfolio is an SMA strategy that seeks to provide investors with distributable cash flow of 6.0% per year or more (approximately 3.0% from qualified dividends and 3.0% from call option premiums recieved).  The Portfolio invests in the common stock of large capitalization U.S. based companies or ADR of a non-U.S. company with a dividend above the average of the S&P 500 index component companies. Gyroscope analyzes a company’s historical earnings growth, stock price and dividend performance over a five to ten-year period to evaluate the likelihood of a stock outperforming the S&P 500 over the next six to twelve months before it is considered for inclusion in the portfolio. The investor receives added cash flow from a Covered Call Option Overlay which enhances account income and provides limited downside price protection. Call options are sold on stocks, when available, for two to six-months starting at 5% above the current price. A proprietary option evaluation methodology determines which call options are used within the strategy. 

The following links provide additional information (past performance is no indication of future results):

Portfolio Fact Sheet

Investor Presentation

Gyroscope Capital Management Group, LLC is an SEC registered Investment Advisory firm founded in 2006 and based in Naples, FL.

Note: As of 4-5-17, the Dividend Income Portfolio had $100,844,218 invested in the strategy.